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Sunroom and Addition Installation by Borrell Construction

Sunroom and Addition Installation in Northeastern United States by Borrell Construction

Design and build a sunroom for added space, beauty and value.

If you’re looking to design a beautiful new space for your home, consider a sunroom addition. Sunroom installation efficiently provides a cost-effective extra space in your home that can be enjoyed year round.

Borrell Construction provides high-quality sunroom design and installation in the Northeastern United States. In addition, we can help you add the perfect living space to your home. We install a variety of style sunrooms and we will work with you to find the ideal custom design for your home.

If you want to upgrade your home with a new addition or sunroom, call today 800-905-1978.

Find the Right Type of Sunroom for your Home

Cathedral sunrooms feature sloped, glass-paned roofs and are commonly installed as four season sunrooms. These rooms are highly energy efficient and are an attractive addition that lends it an appealing characteristic and increases property value.

Conservatory sunrooms provide a classic dome appearance that makes for an elegant addition to your home. Since the walls and ceiling are glass, conservatories maximize sunlight and give the impression of bringing the outdoors in.

Straight or curved eave sunrooms are modern, energy efficient rooms that fit seamlessly with the existing house. These are also easily used as year-round living spaces. If you select an opaque roof for this design, it may be a good idea to add several skylights.

How to Design the Perfect Sunroom

Before you design your sunroom, decide what you’ll be using it for and what will be the best value for your investment. Consider these options:

  • Seasonal Use: Sunrooms can be functional for multiple seasons. While open porches are dependent on the weather, three-season sunrooms include insulated glass. These rooms lack a heating or cooling system so extreme temperatures may make the area uncomfortable. Four-season sunrooms are insulated and include these heating and cooling systems, allowing the room to be an extension of the house.
  • Sunroom Lighting: If you want to use your sunroom in the evening, strategically placed accent lighting and track lighting will set the mood and bring added appeal to the space. Skylights are also an essential addition if you select an opaque ceiling.
  • Heating and Cooling Options: Four-season sunrooms naturally require heating and cooling options for the area. Electric floor heating can be a smart way to keep your floors comfortable, while fireplaces are also a preferred choice for sunrooms. Ceiling fans and windows can be sufficient for cooling, though air conditioning can be added to keep your sunroom cool and relaxing.
  • Finishing Touches: Complete your design by adding wicker furniture, fragrant flowering plants, and by using acrylic fabrics that are fade resistant. For fancier decorations, you may consider customizing the room with a fountain, hot tub, or spa enclosure. The possibilities are endless. Whether you’re planning a home office, a playroom for children, or a cozy nook to read and relax, pay attention to the little details that will make the space shine with your personality.
  • Sunroom Energy Efficiency

At Borrell Construction, we recommend you install double-paned (also referred to as double-glazed) windows for your sunroom. These insulated sunroom windows have twice the insular R-value (R-4), saving energy in your home.

Thermal breaks and insulation should also be integrated into your frame. All glass should be Low-E coated to protect it from UV rays in the summer. This also adds insulation value in the winter. To conserve energy in your home, you may also consider isolating your sunroom from the rest of the house. Having a sealed door into the sunroom rather than an open entry will assist in conserving energy and is essential in three-season sunrooms.

Build your Beautiful New Sunroom Today

If you want to upgrade your home with a custom sunroom installation, Homeowner Funding is the local contractor for you! We design and install all types of custom sunrooms, and we will work with you to ensure you get the desired space for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a new addition or a sunroom installation, our professionals are ready to make your vision a reality. Call us at 800-905-1978.

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